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Wessell "Warmdaddy" Anderson

Warm It Up, Warmdaddy! (Digital Music Card)

The Band:


Musicians: Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson – Alto Saxophone; Lawrence Sieberth – Piano (All tracks except #8); Brianna Guerin – Piano (Track #8); Roland Guerin – Bass;Mark Gully – Drums


Production Credits:


Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Roland Guerin

Produced by Jerald Miller for Nu Jazz Entertainment

Executive Produced: Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson; Max Colley III; and Jerald Miller

Photographs by Marie Clark:

Cover Design: Jerald Miller & Pablo Secca

Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson plays Manning Woodwinds,Mouthpieces, and Reeds exclusively:


Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson Wishes To Thank The Following:


I would like to thank the following folks for making this new recording materialize: my wife Mrs. Desimonae Anderson (Desiminimo), my son Wessell L. Anderson IV (Quad), Roland Guerin and sons, Mark Gully, Lawrence Sieberth, Todd Stoll, John Lane. A very special thank you to my mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Wessell L. Anderson for giving me the education and love of music. The great one, the old man, the skainish one himself - Wynton Marsalis, for letting me graciously stand next to the 20th and 21st centuries greatest musician, intellectual, educator (Toonsman), thinker, African American, historian, mystic, explorer and omni-humanitarian on this planet. A man who is a saint in a time of unbelievers of good music acoustically performed -- but rarely recognized. This recording is dedicated to: my sister, the late Susan Lynn Anderson; my aunt, Helen Jones; my very hip and soulful aunt, Sybill Calender; my late grandmother, Betty A. Jones; and my great aunt, Mary Lou Satterwhite; God bless you all! Roland Guerin Wishes To Thank The Following:To Estelle for her love and support; my two sons Morgan and Chase; my mom – Lorena Guerin; Cookie; John; and Aretha; all my friends at Presonus Audio, Audio Technica, Kurzweil, Savarez, Wave Arts, Ibane, and SWR; To: EJ, Brad, Merrel, Nate, Dave, Mike, Pete, John and Tony thanks for being here for me! Without Love nothing can happen.


Jerald Miller Wishes To Thank The Following:


Charlotte Miller; Jerald Miller, Sr.; John H. Miller; Valarie Miller; Denise Harris; Michael Miller; Derwin Miller; Anthony Miller; Frances Miller; Janice Miller-Smith & the Smith Family; Betty Finley; Charles Finley, Sr.; Charles Finley, Jr.; Elliot Finley & Family; Artemo, Bertha, & Ramon Garza; Richard Miller; Carol Miller; Tim & Janet Austin; Clarence J. Brooks; Ellis & Delores Marsalis; Wynton Marsalis; Branford Marsalis; Delfeayo Marsalis; Milt, Mona, Charlotte, and Inez Hinton; Mercer, Lena & Paul Ellington; Lauryn Hill; Malaney Hill, Jr.; Malaney Hill, Sr; Valerie Hill; George Avakian; Patrick Smith; Juan Crouch; Pablo Secca; Jeremy Pildis; David & Holly Berger; Sherwin Jordan & The Jordan Family; David Levy & Family; Roderick Ward; Victor Wise & The Wise Family; Taiheem Wentt; Monique, Jada, and Mary Francis; Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III & The Abyssinian Family; Mike Brown & the entire CYBER-NY staff, Chris Blackwell, Brian Bacchus, Billy Banks, and Bruce Lundvall.


In this brand new release from Alto Saxophone great, Wessell "Warmdaddy" Anderson, he shows why he's one of the greatest purveyors of swing in his generation. "Warmdaddy" displays his unique skill in an album of original material, including his own original interpretations of the jazz standards "Four" and "All The Things You Are".


About The Album


This recording is music composed for the listener to make his or her own judgments about each tune. I purposefully didn’t write liner notes to leave room in the ear of each listener for some space you dig!


-- Saxophonically Yours,




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