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Jerald Miller

Founder & CEO

Nu Jazz Entertainment

In  2005 Nu Jazz Entertainment launched the world's first virtual jazz record label – Nu Jazz Records, and video label – Nu Jazz Video. Since then Nu Jazz Entertainment, helmed by founder Jerald Miller, has racked up an impressive list of industry firsts. Founded with the premise of "Moving Jazz Forward, the company has maintained the creative fine line of producing high quality content and innovative techniological releases

In 2005 Nu Jazz Records and Nu Jazz Video became the first jazz industry entities to launch all of their products on "Pre-paid Digital Music Cards." These Music cards provided the capability to transcend the traditional roles of LP's, CD's, and even music downloads. In their original form they contained over (90) minutes of music,  liner notes, bonus photos, bonus music, bonus high-definition videos, and discount coupons for other Nu Jazz products or manufacture on Demand CD's. Additionally where musicians provided original compositions on the dates, select lead sheets were provided as "pdf" files so that musicians could play along.

Also in 2005, Nu Jazz Entertainment partnered with "CustomFlix" (what would later become "Amazon's -- "Create Space“) to provide manufacture on Demand CD's for sale via the internet. Since then, CreateSpace has become the largest "Manufacture-on-Demand" retailer in the world.

In 2006, Nu Jazz Entertainment became the first jazz record label to launch all of it's releases on iTunes stores worldwide with bonus video, in their "Gold Edition" album series, and the first to launch all of its "Deluxe Edition" albums in world-wide stores with bonus audio content.

In 2007, Nu Jazz Entertainment became the first record label to release a video album on iTunes, with Jimmy Green in Concert: The Overcomer's Suite. This album comprised (6) full length songs recorded Live and included bonus musical content launching in over 60 countries world-wide.

Most Notably in 2011 Nu Jazz Entertainment again partnered with iTunes to release the first iTunes Jazz "LP". Ellis Marsalis: An Open Letter To Thelonious (Platinum iTunes "LP" Edition). This ground-breaking release was the featured (11) core audio tracks; (3) bonus audio tracks; (4) high-definition videos; (10) bonus photos; liner notes you could read or listen to; bonus literary content from Robin D.G. Kelly's Simon & Schuster publication "Thelonious Monk: The Life & Times of an American Original" and a plethora of other goodies

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