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Jimmy Greene

"The Overccmer's Suite (Trailer)

Nu Jazz Video

Nu Jazz Video is a muli-format video label that produces broadcast quality video recordings of newly discovered and internationally known jazz stars. The first jazz video label of its kind, Nu Jazz Video releases all products exclusively for digital download. A sister company of Nu Jazz Records, it provides a visual component to all of the audio recordings under the Nu Jazz Entertainment umbrella.

Our multi-camera, High Definition video recordings provide a unique perspective on upcoming artists and jazz legends alike. Every record recorded is simultaneous recorded for video, both in live concert settings and live venues, providing a glimpse of the artists’ unique energy that a studio recording often lacks.

Whether it be a trio, quartet, or larger ensemble our videos show not only the raw energy, but passion of the artist on their search for clear musical expression.  The simple and uncomplicated formats of our recordings allow both the novice music fan and jazz conieseur alike to enjoy high quality video presentations in a manner that they choose. The in-depth interviews and video trailers provide the listener with a personal glimpse into the artist, and helps the listener to understand how the artist crafts their art.

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